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The Mystical Psychic by Suzy Graf

The Mystical Psychic

by Suzy Graf

494 pages
The Mystical Psychic is a memoir, one woman’s search for identity through the beliefs of Spiritualism, Paganism and “Lightworkers.” The author experiments with contrasting viewpoints; the Tarot, Mediumship, Angel Oracle cards, Spiritualist protocol, how to cast a spell, and trusting in manifestation. Her story unravels into acceptance.

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About the Book
The Mystical Psychic is the fourth book in my Psychic Awareness Series. Like peeling layers away from an onion, my personal journey blossoming into a professional psychic has been filled with “ah-ha” moments, and through The Mystical Psychic, I’ve discovered, and let go, of an unknown prejudice against Pagans and Witches; people and worshipers who really are no different than the traditional Christian religion I was raised within or the new religion I was practicing, Spiritualism, a religion that believes life continues after the change called death.

This memoir style book opens with me sitting in a séance, practicing “talking to spirits” with friends. The culture of Spiritualism claims to be open and accepting of all belief systems. So when one in our group questions the “safety” of working with a spirit guide that looks like a witch, I begin to recant how I overcame my prejudice against those who practice forms of Paganism. Using journal entries, I recall my first experiences; taking a Wiccan for Beginners Class, learning about Goddesses and comparing them to Angels, working as a pet psychic in a Renaissance Fair clothing store, being given a metaphysical dragon, learning to read the cards, first with Angel Oracle cards and later the Tarot, and then struggling with my chosen religion, Spiritualism’s, viewpoint of reading cards and using crystals.

Over the course of years, I learn, and share experiences highlighted by four key individuals; my Spiritualist mentor, Joseph, an eccentric would-be womanizer, the shop owner, Angela, a strong willed mother of the misfits, my Lightworker friend, Sharon, an ever present reason of hope and love and Yellow Dog, my spirit guide who channels wisdom and advice. All these people have rather eccentric viewpoints which I am drawn towards, especially the undertone of caring and acceptance which I needed to fill a void within my own life.

This book is composed of several years of journal entries; I’m interpreting pets to their caretakers, reading Tarot cards, talking to dead people, hanging out with people who prefer to wear tights and boob-push-me-up dresses, I begin to think M’Lady and M’Lord is how people really talk, I’m attending workshops where strangers hug and look forward to a common consciousness, and, most importantly of all, I feel accepted, loved and nurtured while embraced within some rather peculiar environments. But a conflict ensues.

Joseph steps over the line and is pushed out of our Spiritualist religious organization. I’m forced to choose between my mentor and my religion. The economy starts to crumble and Angela’s shop is closed. Sharon divorces herself from conflicts while I am ensconced within a solution. Slowly, I leave my nest of comfort and discover who I really am. And this is the purpose of this publication, to encourage the reader to take the chance, do the absurd, and release the fear, the judgment and perhaps the prejudice of the untried. Life can be a more interesting journey when one chooses to take the back roads.

The Mystical Psychic ends with my acceptance of not fitting into a religion or a paradigm. I realize that I don’t need to define myself as belonging to any one group or organization. How others perceive me are beyond my control. I have learned to accept others as they are, just as I accept me as me.


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About the Author
Suzy Graf Suzy Graf has been a professional Psychic, Animal Communicator and Energy Healer since 2007. She writes her autobiographical Psychic Awareness Books to help others discover their psychic abilities. Now an empty nester, Suzy lives on a small New England farm with her husband, Greg, their fur babies and horses.



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