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High Stakes in Shanghai by Howard Turk

High Stakes in Shanghai

by Howard Turk

338 pages
Shanghai, 1941. Japanese invade. Jake Greenberg must save friends.

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Category: Fiction:Suspense
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About the Book
Shanghai, 1941. Invasion fears grip the International Settlement. The Japanese Army, which controls all of Shanghai except for the International Settlement and the French Concession, is on the move. Jake Greenberg, an American expatiate, and his Chinese partner run a boutique casino in the Settlement coveted by high-ranking Japanese officers. The pressure to sell the casino is intense, personal, and bloody. Jake barely escapes a bombing, one of his casino people is murdered, and a newspaper friend is kidnaped. He strikes back, working secretly with American intelligence and with the Chinese underground. But as the war clouds grow darker, Jake and his wife face the biggest decision of their lives: Stay and hope war between Japan and America does not happen, or leave Shanghai, their home for twenty years. Then one night in early December Japanese attack, their aircraft bomb Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Minutes after the bombs fall on Pearl Harbor, their tanks roll into the Settlement and Jake has only hours to act.


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About the Author
Howard Turk was born in Pittsburgh and educated in the United States and Europe,
earning a masters degree in economics. After serving with the Air Force in Germany, he joined
CIA. Following almost ten years with "The Agency," he became an international banker specializing in Asia.



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