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West of Shanghai by Howard Turk

West of Shanghai

by Howard Turk

480 pages
Gun smuggling in 1921 China leads to a murder investigation.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Mao-lin, China, October, 1921. China is in chaos. Warlords have carved the country into warring fiefdoms. Treachery and slippery loyalties are everywhere. Jake Greenberg, a wounded veteran of WWI, and his Chinese partner, Chen, have just run a boat full of weapons up the Yangtze to Mao-lin. The port city is the capital of a progressive warlord, who is expecting an attack at any minute by a cruel and very powerful enemy.

Jake has had enough of war and wants to get out before the shooting starts. Not easy to do. Just as they arrived, Mao-lin was shaken by the brutal murder of a famous American missionary and his wife. As trusted outsider, the warlord needs Jake to investigate the double murder. What he finds is not a simple robbery gone wrong, but what seems to be a politically inspired assassination.

Digging below the surface, Jake finds that the warlord is sick and near death, which has sparked a secret battle for control of the city. Worse, a traitor, possibly the killer, is loose among the warlord's inner circle. To save what could be a model city of China, Jake must unravel the conspiracy and find the murderer as enemy airplanes begin bombing the city.


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About the Author
Howard Turk was born in Pittsburgh and educated in the United States and Europe, earning a masters degree in economics. After serving with the Air Force in Germany, he joined CIA. Following almost ten years with "The Agency," working in both overt and covert operations, he became an international banker specializing in Asia.



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