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Death by Downsizing by Dan Anderson

Death by Downsizing

by Dan Anderson

250 pages
Former employees of an insurance company are being systematically murdered.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
A desperate client begs Chauncey McFadden, Los Angeles PI, to find his gay lover who has vanished. Although LAPD believes the victim to be deceased based upon randomly strewn body parts, Chauncey agrees to investigate and begins contacting the paramourís former co-workers at a large insurance company to see if they know his whereabouts. However, the case quickly expands in scope and complexity as Chauncey learns each co-worker has met his death under mysterious and bizarre circumstances. The only common thread linking the victims is their former employer but this is a weak association at best. Chauncey dutifully ploughs through the circumstances of each death hoping the investigations lead to a common source. However, the attempts on his own life and those closest to him rain down fast and furious as he struggles against the brutal vendetta of this enigmatic assassin. The trail of bodies leads Chauncey throughout southern California and Mexico as he attempts to unravel twisting plots to bring the killer to justice.


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About the Author
Dan Anderson is an award-winning author whose mysteries, Bad Vibrations, Death Cruise, Vietnam Vindication, and Death by Downsizing have won numerous literary awards and critical acclaim. A retired insurance executive, Dan is a Vietnam veteran who served with the Americal Infantry Division. All Danís mysteries have been optioned by Hollywood.



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