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Vietnam Vindication by Dan Anderson

Vietnam Vindication

by Dan Anderson

240 pages
A vicious killer targets former army Vietnam vets.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
The Vietnam War is not over for everyone.

A vicious assassin is methodically murdering former members of an army squad who served in Vietnam - on the first day of Tet each year - and Chauncey McFadden, Los Angeles PI, is asked to stop this brutal vendetta before it claims the lives of the remaining squad members. His journey through the seamy underbelly of La La Land is a bumpy one as he battles a transplanted Asian culture that resists comprehension and penetration, vicious drug cartels, ruthless gangs, and a professional killer who is as elusive as a shadow. Despite Chauncey's best efforts, the body count soars as victims are dispatched in ritualistic ways by a killer as enigmatic as he is lethal.

Like his previous two riveting and fast-paced mysteries in the series, Vietnam Vindication represents the best that mysteries have to offer as descriptions of places and atmosphere, arcane and twisting plots, outrageous characters, sparking dialog, and stellar prose - all enlightened by a quirky sense of humor - capture the hearts and minds of critics and readers alike.


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About the Author
Dan Anderson Dan Anderson is a former executive with one of the world's largest financial institutions and a Vietnam Veteran. His three mysteries, Vietnam Vindication, Bad Vibrations and Death Cruise have won a dozen literary awards and have been optioned by Hollywood for film production.



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