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Snow-Blind in Brooklyn: An Eddie Lombardi Mystery by Douglas DiNunzio

Snow-Blind in Brooklyn: An Eddie Lombardi Mystery

by Douglas DiNunzio

242 pages
Eddie saves a hit man. But can he save himself?

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
When Brooklyn private eye Eddie Lombardi saves hit man Carlo Cattalanotte from an assassin’s bullet, he sets himself up for trouble. Carlo, it appears, has stolen Mafia kingpin Jimmy Santini’s entire inventory of cocaine, which is why Santini wants him dead. Eddie couldn’t care less what happens to Carlo, but when Carlo's sainted mother implores Eddie to find and protect her sweet little bambino, Eddie is hooked. To make matters worse, somebody is murdering Carlo’s current and former girlfriends and leaving his grisly calling card: bullets, point-blank, through the eyes.

In Eddie’s search for Carlo, he meets an array of colorful characters: a retired Mafia don, his midget driver, a mean-spirited screw from the Raymond Street Jail, and a cocaine-deprived stripper. To get out of this mess, Eddie seeks help from a wild Irishman with a penchant for making up off-color limericks, Liam O’Rourke. Together, they face one of the toughest challenges that Eddie has ever known.


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About the Author
Douglas DiNunzio is the pen name of a retired middle-school teacher and reference librarian living in California. He is (almost always) at work on his next Eddie Lombardi mystery.



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