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DECISION AT THE WOLF'S LAIR: An Alternate History Novel by Anthony Genualdi

DECISION AT THE WOLF'S LAIR: An Alternate History Novel

by Anthony Genualdi

90 pages
In this sequel to Campaign in Britain, 1940-41, Field Marshal Horst von Halen recounts his part in the war against Russia and in plotting to remove Hitler from power in WWII.

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Category: Fiction:Historical:Alternative
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About the Book
Field Marshal Horst von Halen recounts his further adventures in WWII, starting with his return from the conquest of Britain. He takes command of the war in Russia and, with the help of German intelligence, finds out why Japan is not involved against the Soviets. He presents this information to Hitler and is rebuffed.

From this point, he joins the plot to kill Hitler. Von Halen still has to prosecute the war in the east, as well as pull off an invasion of the Faroe Islands to keep the U.S. from using them against Germany.

He goes on the recount the action of the day when the German Army manages to kill Hitler in his East Prussian headquarters and arrest or kill Nazis in Germany and the occupied lands in Europe. Von Halen then tells us about the efforts to separate Germany from Japan and make peace with the Allies.

He finishes with describing the aftermath for the reconstituted German Empire under Kaiser Louis Ferdinand, and the rift in his own family for his part in the plot. He ends the story with his retirement in 1951 from the German military.


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About the Author
Anthony Genualdi Anthony Genualdi uses his love of history and research, with speculation, to craft this alternate history tale. He lives and works in Scottsdale, AZ, for a healthcare financing company.



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