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DESPERATE COMMANDS: A novel of the Italian Resistance by Anthony Genualdi

DESPERATE COMMANDS: A novel of the Italian Resistance

by Anthony Genualdi

80 pages
This is the story of an Italian resistance group in World War II, as well as of the Germans and Fascist Italians who try to destroy them. Three people who knew each other from childhood are on opposite sides in this life and death struggle.

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Category: Fiction:Military
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About the Book
A resistance group composed of Italian soldiers and civilians in the north of Italy in 1944 struggle to throw out the enemies of freedom, both Germans and Fascist Italians. The leader of the resistance, plus his girlfriend, and one of the Fascists, grew up together. The Fascists, of the dreaded group called the Black Brigades, work with the Germans to try and destroy the freedom fighters. The patriots, who call themselves the "Sword of Brescia" strive to harass the enemy and help the Allied advance up the boot of Italy. The woman loses her parents in a German reprisal execution, and makes the fateful choice to help the resisters in killing a police collaborator. This helps set up the final fight, in which the "Sword of Brescia" joins the uprising throughout northern Italy in April 1945 to help liberate their city before the American Army arrives.


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About the Author
Anthony Genualdi Anthony Genualdi uses his curiosity about the little known resistance in Italy to craft this work. He lives and works in Scottsdale, AZ for a healthcare finance company.



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