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Author: Larry Levy
Format: Paperback
Pages: 124
Paperback Price: $15.95
A coming of age autobiography about growing up in 60's and 70's Baltimore. Memories are punctuated with baseball, music, businesses frequented, carnivals, road trips, clothing, hair, games, and the funny personalities of friends and neighbors.
Author: Arielle Spring
Formats: Ebook | Paperback | Hardcover
Pages: 162
Ebook Price: $3.99
Paperback Price: $15.99
Hardcover Price: $35.99
After sexual assaults in my teens, I began a two-decades-long fall into a dark world of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse; due to untreated PTSD. I share going through the process of reclaiming each precious, broken piece of myself.
Author: Wendy Wong
Format: Ebook
Pages: 140
Ebook Price: $8.95
Wendy's true life story from Hong Kong to Hawaii.
Author: Carolyn C. Volpe
Format: Ebook
Pages: 224
Ebook Price: $6.95
A story of dreams fulfilled and a life well spent.
Author: Yasser Bassam
Formats: Ebook | Paperback
Pages: 274
Ebook Price: $4.99
Paperback Price: $17.95
Wings of a Dove. It is my autobiography. I believe that Storytelling has been art, and art is always meant to be shared and inspire. I decided to share my story with everyone.
Author: Andrew I. Batavia and Mitchell Batavia
Formats: Ebook | Paperback
Pages: 402
Ebook Price: $4.99
Paperback Price: $20.95
A person with quadriplegia, turned activist, writes ADA regulations.
Author: Maria Gargano Jackson Mauck
Format: Ebook
Pages: 280
Ebook Price: $4.99
Maria, in her 80', recounts vividly the true story of growing up in Fascist WWII Italy. Postwar, her adventures as au-pair nanny and student in England and France lead her to a new life as a wife, mother and teacher in America.
Author: Charlie Northage
Formats: Ebook | Paperback | Hardcover
Pages: 304
Ebook Price: $2.99
Paperback Price: $18.95
Hardcover Price: $32.95
An extraordinary tale of one manís triumph over incredible odds
Author: Ken Wood
Format: Ebook
Pages: 270
Ebook Price: $5.99
What we'll read in Ken's memoir, is almost typical of young people from a dysfunctional family. Although as you read his story, you'll find how he overcame his adversity, and lived almost a normal life.
Author: Mark Malvasi
Format: Paperback
Pages: 300
Paperback Price: $17.95
A memoir of music and life.
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