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You Can't Crack Me.... I'm a Rubber Duck! by Charlie Northage

You Can't Crack Me.... I'm a Rubber Duck!

by Charlie Northage

304 pages
An extraordinary tale of one man’s triumph over incredible odds

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
An extraordinary tale of one man’s triumph over incredible odds. From a thirteen-year-old runaway sleeping in a “cardboard box city” deep within London’s urban streets, Charlie Northage somehow summoned the stamina and resilience to triumph over a relentless string of adversities, betrayals, rejections, and losses which persistently dogged his life, to pursue a successful twelve-year career in the British Army where his skill in weaponry and natural talent for precision in shooting won him several awards.

After leaving military service his initial confidence in finding civilian employment was shattered when his extensive experience in the army was not deemed suitable for the kinds of work available. Forced to accept any kind of low wage labour he struggled with an undiagnosed case of PTSD which eventually led to alcoholism and attempted suicide. Yet throughout his life he continued to meet each new challenge with a firm determination not to be beaten.     

This memoir, “You Can’t Crack Me… I’m a Rubber Duck!” is told without self-pity or self-justification of any kind. It is an honest and courageous story of frequent personal misjudgements, failures, and heart-breaking remorse including the loss of his children which was a constant source of anguish.

This is the story of an honest man, one who searched the very depths of his hidden pains and personal failings as well as his deepest joys and achievements to share them with us. Without pulling any punches he reveals himself to us as he is, a human being whom we, if we are honest, can all recognize as akin to ourselves.            

Sprinkled with loving kindness, abiding affection, and heart-warming compassion and gratitude for those closest to him, it is, above all, an attempt by a father to divulge his life story in order to bequeath a legacy to the children he lost years ago. They never realized the deep love their father had for them, nor the anguish their absence caused him. Ever hovering in the back of his conscience are the faces of his children and an underlying sense of loss. From their father who loves them deeply, this is their legacy.


This is a cool book – there is no other way to say it - brutal honesty and a thoroughly readable, down-to-earth telling of a complicated life. But he endures, and for that alone he is a man to be admired. So is this dark but marvelous book.
- Joel R. Dennstedt for Readers’ Favorite
You Can't Crack Me ... I'm A Rubber Duck: is not your usual autobiography. This is a beautiful and powerful book; there is no denying it. And no matter what you say, you are going to see yourself in Charlie in one way or another. He is us, collectively.
- Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite
The book is written in a very heartfelt manner and comes across as honest and genuine. Reading a book of this kind really brings home how much of our lives and experiences are outside our control and just “meant to be.” This is a great autobiographical read and I would recommend it.
- Gisela Dixon for Readers’ Favorite



About the Author
Having survived a turbulent early life Charlie Northage entered the British army and served for twelve successful years. His life became a continual struggle against the devastating effects of an undiagnosed case of PTSD which eventually led to divorce, the loss of his beloved children, alcoholism, and attempted suicide.



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