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When the Phoenix Rises by Wendy Wong

When the Phoenix Rises

by Wendy Wong

140 pages
Wendy's true life story from Hong Kong to Hawaii.

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Category: Autobiography
About the Book
Wendy Wong, a successful Chinese business woman writes new memoir of her true life story from Hong Kong to Hawaii.

When the Phoenix rises is about a young girl who overcomes poverty and illness after WWII to become one of the most successful women in Hawaii and Hong Kong.

This is an autobiography that chronicles the life of Wendy…a determined young girl who surmounts all the odds. Like the mythical Phoenix, she rose from abject poverty in Post World War II Hong Kong to court the epitome of destiny, success, love, and intrigue. This is the proverbial ‘rags to riches’ story of a girl whose close call with death galvanizes her determination to live life to the fullest and rise above adversity. That unrelenting vow led Wendy to unimaginable heights, as she ascended into the wealthy circles to become one of the successful business women in Hong Kong, and Hawaii. Along the way, she secretly courted with one of the world’s richest men… a Hawaiian real estate tycoon when she was a student in Hawaii.

The book describes Wendy’s journey through life as a daughter, lover, businesswoman, wife, and mother and in equal parts the story is a romance, a drama, a travelogue and chronicles her love-affairs. The journeys and adventures around the world, the joys and tragedies of her life, the successes of my career, and the wealth of memories and experiences of a woman whose story will interest, inspire and amaze those that immerse themselves in it.

The reader will accompany Wendy on her journey, her adventures, her struggles, her disappointments and her many successes. It will be a retrospect written from a first person perspective as we will chronicle her life from the tenements of Hong Kong ….ascent into success and prosperity and the many lovers who influenced and touched her heart from the first love to the last.

When the Phoenix Rises will bring you to the current day and her life as a wife, and mother of a talented son, a developmental disabled daughter and her ultimate predicament…What should she do with the first love that spurned her so many years ago and has recently re-entered her life?

Wendy also has experienced the ups and downs of the 1997 Asian financial crisis and the 2008 global economic depression. She expresses her unique views of a 21st Century Chinese businesswoman in the last chapter.

The book has received endorsements from numerous academic and business luminaries in the U.S. These include such notable as the President of Chinese Community Broadcasting Channel,a former professor from University of Hawaii and other well-known writers.

There are many beautiful photos of Wendy and her family members appear both in the back cover and the first few pages of the book.



About the Author
Wendy is an investment executive and a successful business woman from Hong Kong to Hawaii. Her biography has been profiled by various Who's Who publications as notable woman. She is also a member of the National Association of realtors, Honolulu board of Realtors and the Hawaii Chinese Writer's Association



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