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When Birds Sing: My Journey from Trauma to Triumph by Arielle Spring

When Birds Sing: My Journey from Trauma to Triumph

by Arielle Spring

162 pages
After sexual assaults in my teens, I began a two-decades-long fall into a dark world of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse; due to untreated PTSD. I share going through the process of reclaiming each precious, broken piece of myself.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
Arielle Spring is a living example of a phoenix rising. She began her life in an idyllic setting surrounded by loving parents and a sibling. She started to soar as a classical pianist when she was mentored by a renowned piano teacher who believed she would one day become a concert pianist. However, her life took a sudden turn in her sophomore year of high school. She experienced a succession of traumas – two of which were sexual assault. Then she got word her piano teacher had suddenly passed away. She was left with guilt, shame, isolation and heartbreak, but kept it all inside which resulted in her being stricken with PTSD which, left untreated, sent her into a downward spiral lasting over two decades.

Arielle Spring was a sweet, small-town girl with a promising future when her life took a drastic turn while in her early teens. Once her direction changed, she began a two-decades-long fall from grace into a dark world of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. In a candid yet inspiring memoir, Arielle Spring details her journey through abuse to the moment when a conscious awakening prompted her to discover a power greater than herself that led her to see her reality with new eyes and reclaim each precious, broken piece of herself. While disclosing how she began her ascent from trauma and shame to a liberating truth and freedom, Arielle reveals how she persevered through many difficulties, including homelessness, while relying on her faith in God to buoy her through her many harrowing experiences and ultimately return her to wholeness. When Birds Sing is the spiritually uplifting story of a small town girl’s heart-wrenching journey through trauma, abuse, and lost identity to a courageous, self-empowered transformation.

After experiencing much more trauma, including becoming homeless, Arielle looked into the mirror one day, got on her knees and concluded she was as low as she would allow herself to go. She began her ascent through hard work and dedication to discovering her true self. Arielle took a job as a domestic violence crisis group facilitator which inspired her to create her own dv support group to teach women to transition from the victim mentality. She went on to become a certified professional life coach and health coach. All the while, Arielle continued to pursue her own healing and growth.

This book takes the reader on a harrowing journey from darkness to light with many twists and turns. The writer's conversational writing style will make you feel like you are right there in the moment with her. What makes this memoir special is the author's deep conveyance of her vulnerability. If you've ever suffered any kind of trauma and felt there was no way out - this book is for you. My hope is that through reading my story you will realize that even in your darkest moment, if you persevere, there is hope for a way out and a new beginning. My prayer is that you will be compelled to retrieve your healthy, true self and soar to new heights of being, while knowing you are loved and can love.

Arielle has now published her first book, a memoir When Birds Sing. This was a labor of love and personal growth that took her five years to write. She has now discovered that her passion for music and design have spilled over into writing. Books, publications, and blogging are her current pursuit. Her future will hold many more exciting appearances as she pursues her writing career.


…Arielle brings you on a desperate journey of abuse taking her to the precipice of death. The practical application of PTSD to the story, her interaction with family and ultimate emergence from this despair strikes a perfect tone…. Arielle’s story will deeply impact anyone who reads it. Life changing.”
- Terrence D. Delehanty, former General Counsel of NCCI, Inc.; served on multiple boards protecting the rights of abused children
…In this book we are invited into stories of trauma and pain. The author’s journey has not been an easy one, yet there is a thread of hope and faith that is remarkable and inspiring…. I recommend this book to all who have experienced trauma or know someone who has.”
- The Rev. Dr. G. Mark Griffith
…a… special sharing that shows the dark side of humanity and the trauma it creates. you will experience the courage and evolution of the author as she creates her own happy ending…. one of triumph and emancipation…. the end is the beginning. A new day of never-ending light.
- Ernest Brown, Ph. D School Based Family and Adolescent Psychologist San Francisco, California



About the Author
Arielle Spring experienced a succession of traumas, two of which were sexual assault, in her teens. She was stricken with PTSD which, left untreated, sent her into a downward spiral lasting over two decades. She then began her ascent to discovering her true self. Her story is life changing.



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