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On Coaching with The Birkman Method by Robert De Filippis

On Coaching with The Birkman Method

by Robert De Filippis

348 pages
Cognitive scientists tell us we make 95 percent of our decisions subconsciously. While the Birkman Method identifies our major personality traits, this book makes conscious those subconscious decision processes. It is particularly useful to the certified Birkman practitioner who wants to develop a professional coaching practice.

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Category: Social Science
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About the Book
In this book we explore how the private, or authentic self, is shaped by our needs and how our temperament, influenced by our genetics, is structured into our biology. We'll see how needs are shaped by our expectations from early childhood interpretations of our experiences. We'll explore how our public self is shaped by our linguistic interpretations we learn from our native cultures, and how our perceptions are limited by our sensory systems. We'll see how our languaging is molded and shaped by our past experiences to become the cognitive maps we use to create and navigate our external worlds. We will study how our cognitive maps contain the scripts and rules of engagement we use to travel our lives' journeys. We will see how the history of our cultural, familial, and personal experiences shape our behavioral patterns as we keep re-applying what worked for the same or similar circumstances in the past.

Finally, we will see that behavioral patterns are formed by personality traits and how those traits are made up of many characteristics defined and explained by the Birkman components.


5 stars. Deep. Insightful. Challenging. A GREAT book!

I have read a LOT of books purporting to link The Birkman Method to effective coaching, this one NAILS it. Bob's approach is from the viewpoint of an ontological coach and perfectly aligns with the core tenants of Roger Birkman's ground-breaking assessment. The book is very thorough - walking us through the theoretical and philosophical, all the way to practical examples of how language can give us real clues to a person's perspective on life. I have found information in On Coaching that I haven't seen in any other books or materials from Birkman. The time Bob spent interviewing Roger Birkman and talking through the formation of The Method was a magical investment of time and this book really makes those significant insights come alive.
- Arkie69
A must read for coaches!

“On Coaching with the Birkman Method” dynamically holds the space for the personal change agent to increase their knowledge, intuition and effectiveness.
There is so much to learn and consider here. The author’s passion for understanding neurophysiology and social perception is providing deep personal insight for me.
Robert brings a sense of awe and respect to how we understand our own reality and that of our clients. His writing inspires me to open my personal system of knowledge, ask more effective questions, and build greater perceptive abilities. He creates anticipation for the coach to see and interpret with new awareness, envision greater possibilities, and inspire more authentic and effective action.
Don’t let the title fool you. With an unexaggerated breadth of application, this book is definitely not just for experienced coaches practiced in the Birkman Method. Yet its wisdom may influence you to become one!
- Dave Loney
First of all, I am a Birkman trained consultant. I have gone through the training, I remain current on my continuing educational. I have been University train as an executive coach and as an expert in Strategic, Agile, and Organization Leadership. I now work in companies to improve Organizational health and performance. Before that I spent 30 years as a Pastor in large congregations.

Although I purchased this to improve my Birkman skills, the truth is that reading this book has improved and enhanced me in all the areas I am involved.

My point is simple. This book is not just about using the Birkman method!! Nor is it just for Birkman coaches. It is about how our brain works, how people communicate, why people communicate the way they do: sender to receiver, receiver to sender. It is all about how we can help ourselves and others, including those in the work place to grow to be their very best!

Even if you are not a Birkman user, you need to purchase this one and learn from it! Expensive? .., yes!! But it’s a manual and check back reference that is worth every Penny!!!
- Terry S. Slinde


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About the Author
The author, Robert De Filippis, an ex-corporate executive, has been a certified Ontological Coach and Birkman practitioner for over thirty years. He has coached hundreds of clients, trained dozens of Birkman practitioners and now shares his knowledge of how to coach using The Birkman Method. With a firm grasp on the theories of cognitive neuropsychology, and linguistic philosophy, his practical experience comes through in the many real-world examples in this book.



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