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Signals in the Noise: Encountering the Limits of Materialist Science - An Exploration of Consciousness and Reality by Robert DeFilippis

Signals in the Noise: Encountering the Limits of Materialist Science - An Exploration of Consciousness and Reality

by Robert DeFilippis

504 pages
Groundbreaking theories that challenge our materialist viewpoints. An intellectual journey, questioning established materialist scientific norms and bringing forward evidence that defies materialist theories of consciousness.

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Category: Philosophy:Consciousness
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About the Book
Signals in the Noise: An Exploration of Consciousness and Reality.

How Current Research is Challenging Materialist Science

"The Signals in the Noise," groundbreaking theories about consciousness are meticulously explored, presenting an avant-garde perspective that stands to challenge our traditional, materialist viewpoints. The author leads us on an intellectual journey, questioning established materialist scientific norms and bringing forward evidence that defies materialist theories of consciousness.

The book emphasizes that consciousness persists and can even be enhanced when brain activity decreases, supported by numerous research studies involving psychedelics, near-death experiences, and other instances when brain functions are diminished. This new understanding suggests that consciousness transcends the physical confines of our biological makeup, challenging conventional notions about its origin and nature.

Furthermore, the book introduces a transformative perspective on the universe, proposing that what we perceive as material is merely a function of our sensory systems. Based on the author's review of current theories of the composition of the cosmos, we now know everything that exists is composed of energy, with physicality representing deeper qualities that lie out of our reach. Drawing on proven quantum physics, the author presents the theory that the universe's interconnectedness is a product of coherent quantum fields from which everything emerges and takes on the character of separateness and materiality in the 4D or manifest level we experience.

In a radical departure from mainstream materialist thought, "The Signals in the Noise" argues that consciousness is a universal phenomenon occurring in varying degrees of complexity across all organisms. The author posits that while the presence of proto-consciousness is universal, the consciousness we experience emerges in the fourth-dimensional or manifest level, an idea that, if widely accepted, can redefine our understanding of life and existence.

Finally, the author criticizes the materialist worldview, stating that this ingrained belief system creates many societal, political, religious, and environmental problems. He argues that our obstinate adherence to materialist orthodoxy drives our trajectory toward planetary destruction. Catalyzed by our capitalist system of consumption, this materialist belief system hinders our ability to recognize and correct the adverse effects of our actions.

"The Signals in the Noise" is a compelling critique of the materialist worldview, challenging our understanding of consciousness, existence, and our place in the universe. It underscores the urgency to redefine our perspectives to avert the catastrophic trajectory that our current beliefs are driving us toward. This book is a radical and thought-provoking read for anyone interested in consciousness, quantum physics, and the future of our planet.


Signals in the Noise is a revolutionary wake-up call, compelling us to confront the materialistic paradigms that have blinded us to the true nature of consciousness and, ultimately, to ourselves. Robert De Filippis masterfully exposes the consequences of an exclusive reliance on materialistic thinking and invites us on an enlightening journey into the mysteries of consciousness and why it matters.
- Dean Radin PhD, Chief Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences, and author of Real Magic and other books
"I think this book, Signals in the Noise, has the potential to be of great value for individuals (and especially students) interested in the emergence of postmaterialist and advanced consciousness science."
- Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry and Surgery, the University of Arizona, Founding President, The Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Science
A Metaphysical and Scientific Masterpiece. In his new book, author Robert De Filippis deconstructs and reconstructs the secret laws of the universe that Nikola Telsa once described as Robert De Filippis iv being "Energy, Frequency, and Vibration. Meticulously, one by one, in his book, Signals in the Noise, Robert describes the various theories of consciousness and helps us understand one of the most complex topics of our times.
- Near Death Experiencer, Ray Catania, PhD(c) Metaphysical Parapsychology, MCLC Transpersonal Psychology, 7-Time Award Winning Author of "The Awakening Series"


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About the Author
Robert De Filippis is a Fellow of the American Institute of Philosophical and Cultural Thought. He has authored eight previous books and is active in local news media and radio in Southern Illinois. His focus is the philosophy of mind and how materialistic science cannot fully explain phenomenal consciousness.



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