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The Flowers Were Talking to Me by Robert De Filippis

The Flowers Were Talking to Me

by Robert De Filippis

126 pages
A woman survives fungal meningitis, develops epilepsy, goes into a 17-day coma, and wakes up to become an artist.

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Category: Art
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About the Book
Can brain damage lead to extraordinary art? Some of the most renown artists in the world were thought to be epileptic. For example, Michelangelo and Van Gogh. But now we are proving our suspicions through the research of worldwide organizations. Debbie Motsinger is one artist involved in that research. Debbie’s crisis gave her the gift of artistic talent. But first she needed to win her battle with spinal meningitis, which lead to a seventeen-day coma, which resulted in epilepsy. Relearning to read, write, walk, and talk, she also discovered a newfound artistic talent. Today, Debbie’s artwork is displayed on three continents.

Read this inspirational story of a woman whose faith and determination overcame very unfavorable odds to, not only survive, but expand her life to include her creation of beautiful art. The art of most epileptics is stark, and foreboding, evocative of an epileptic seizure. Different from that art, Debbie’s is uplifting, light and inspirational. She credits the support of her friends and family, medical practitioners and, most of all, her faith in God. She lives in her hometown of Herrin, Illinois. Beautiful samples of her work are included in this book.


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About the Author
Robert DeFilippis is a retired organizational development consultant who specialized in using the applied behavioral sciences to improve organizational and individual performance and quality of work life. During his career, he worked throughout the U.S., and Canada, including stints in Western and Eastern Europe and Central America. During his 45-year career, his interests in writing about and understanding the deeper question of “what it means to be human” has evolved into his final career. He has written many essays for websites and authored eight books. He currently writes a weekly Op/Ed column for local newspapers and hosts a radio show in Southern Illinois.



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