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The Light on Pigeon Hill by Robert Allen Pringle

The Light on Pigeon Hill

by Robert Allen Pringle

250 pages
The small, sleepy town of Tionesta, Pennsylvania finds itself in the midst of heinous crimes. Not to mention, the discovery of an artifact that challenges the nature of scientific history. What is a soul? What is its purpose? Is there a purpose?

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Category: Fiction:SciFi
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About the Book
What is a soul? What is its purpose? Is there a purpose? After picking on a kid that would fight back, the school bully suddenly becomes a maniacal child abductor and murderer. A mysterious rock is discovered in the forest near sleepy Tionesta, Pennsylvania. A town better known for camping, river activity, and retirement living. A determined dis-embodied soul seeks to make contact with the beings in the third dimension. Mix in a little high school romance, and it all culminates in an event that captures the entire worlds’ attention and leaves the human race in awe.


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About the Author
Robert Allen Pringle is a native of Pennsylvania. Born in Ellwood City, and raised near Boyers. He was a 1973 graduate of Moniteau High School. A singer, songwriter, and occasional actor, he was employed as a long haul truck driver for much of his life. Now semi-retired (no pun intended), he lives near Tionesta with his persevering wife, Mary.



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