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PITHOLE: Where the Devil Danced by Robert  Allen Pringle

PITHOLE: Where the Devil Danced

by Robert Allen Pringle

118 pages
one family fights corruption and an ancient legend.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
An ancient creature trapped deep in the earth can use it's mind to hunt for life forces that give it nourishment. in the distant past it encounters man and finds the perfect avatar.

In 1864, oil is discovered very near to its dwelling. The activity gives it new hope of being released from its prison. Unfortunately, it does not happen.

A family lives near the old oil town of Pithole, now, a historic site. The creature tries to insure some form of itself survives and interacts in a very subtle way with this family.

Now, the search for the natural gas locked deep in the ground brings new interest to the former oil rich area. Don't worry, they say fracking is perfectly safe.


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About the Author
Robert  Allen Pringle Robert Pringle is a native of Pennsylvania, born in Ellwood City and raised near Boyers. He is a 1973 graduate of Moniteau High School and self educated after that. After many years of long haul trucking, he is semi-retired and lives near Tionesta with his indispensable wife, Mary.



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