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Down Tubbs Lane by Robert Allen Pringle

Down Tubbs Lane

by Robert Allen Pringle

218 pages
An unexplored relationship between humans and Bigfoot.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi:Post-Apocalyptic
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About the Book
Man considers himself to be the dominant species on planet Earth. He shouldn't be. In the Darwinian sense, humans are ill suited for life on this world. As creatures, man is not overly large, strong, fast, or well insulated from environmental changes in weather changes. A Sasquatch, or Bigfoot as they are commonly referred to, is. They are said to have size, strength, speed and agility as well as a nice fur coat. They would be, if they existed, the top of the food chain. Ah, you say, but humans have intelligence, we are conscious of ourselves and everything else. Just how intelligent are we?

What if, in the distant past Sasquatch was the dominant species, and developed intelligence? What if their intelligence led to technology? What if they had fifty million years to develop it, maybe two hundred million years, maybe longer?

There are theories that we humans were placed on this planet to do some sort of penance. After observing how the human race behaves, maybe we were. Perhaps you may be interested in taking a run Down Tubbs Lane and finding out.


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About the Author
Robert Allen Pringle Robert Allen Pringle was born in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania and raised near Boyers, Pa. He was a 1973 graduate of Moniteau High School. He was employed as a long haul truck driver. Now semi retired, he lives in Tionesta, Pa with his incomparable wife, Mary.



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