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UNCONDITIONAL: Just Me and My Scattered Thoughts by T. Renee

UNCONDITIONAL: Just Me and My Scattered Thoughts

by T. Renee

122 pages
Unconditional is an insightful collection of scattered thoughts of a conflicted and tender heart living in trying times.

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Category: Poetry
About the Book
Unconditional is a wonderfully moving collection of poetry that is widely relatable. The poems within the collection are thoughtful, inspiring and truthful; a truthful account from the point of view of a troubled soul and caring heart thatís just trying to make sense of all that is uncertain in the world.


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About the Author
T. Renee T. Renee is a double edged sword-a hopeless romantic as well as hardcore cynic; amazed and inspired by modern innovation but missing and longing for the simple days of old. Her poems come from the most sincere place in her heart and her meaning, angst and her emotion are clear and can be felt by all who would take the time and have the pleasure to read all that are her Scattered Thoughts.



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