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by T. Renee

258 pages
As the smoke clears from the fire that turned everyones world upside down, secrets come to light.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
In Burning Love, the follow up to Hearts On Fire, we find the lives of those that Letti left behind still being ravaged by the flames.

Tameka, whose life becomes somewhat of an inferno post Letti, she finds herself living three seperate lives but only one can survive the blaze. Lucas manages to find a different version of himself in his sisters death but the person he finds is someone he never went looking for; how can he know which identity is truly his.

Burning Love takes a look at what it means to truly sacrifice and let go of everything you thought made you, you and still stay true to yourself in the end.


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About the Author
T. Renee T. Renee is a contradiction to herself. A traditionalist who refuses to be categorized or defined, an independent spirit who believes in true love and happily ever after. A cynic whose faith gives her hope for brighter days. Her writing is creative and very much a testament to who she is. Her imagination knows no boundaries. it's tortured and truthful; yet optimistic and humbling.



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