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Your Ageless Retirement Lifestyle by Jeffrey Webber

Your Ageless Retirement Lifestyle

by Jeffrey Webber

218 pages
Let's welcome aging! It's important to realize that aging offers new opportunities for growth and development, additional chances to pursue happiness, and more time to live a better life.

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
Many studies indicate that when people were primed to see aging in a better light, in terms of growing both physically and mentally, a definite feeling of positivity developed. This included improvements in physical strength. Boomers should remain vigorous and engaged as they age. This may readily transform the aging process for many boomers into one of not getting old or slowing down. This feeling of youthfulness becomes a process of exploration and self-discovery. Part of this process is being passionate about things that are important. Not getting old means having renewed vigor and energy for the ongoing adventure of life and the continuing process of being engaged. Additionally, having a long-lasting influence in making a difference and a sense of personal development is important.


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About the Author
Jeffrey Webber was a public school educator for 33 years. Many of those years were spent as a Technology Facilitator for his school district. Jeffrey is passionate about living life to the fullest during his retirement years and has reinvented himself with an exhilarating perspective. He retired at the young age of 55.That was 16 years ago. He and his wife have experienced many of the recommendations in his books. In his first book, entitled The New Professional Person’s Retirement Lifestyle, Mr. Webber discusses specific, detailed, creative, and innovative activity-based recommendations for the retiree. In his second book, entitled Technology & Your Retirement Lifestyle: Tools For The New You, he discusses how life can be more accommodating during the retirement years using the “tools of technology.” In the third book, entitled RVing & Your Retirement Lifestyle:A Cost Effective Way to Live Your Dreams, the reader is presented with specific information on how the RV lifestyle is cost effective. The forth book is entitled Volunteering & Your Retirement Lifestyle. The thrust of this book specifies how to give back and help others, and at the same time, reinvent yourself during your retirement years. Frugality & Your Retirement Lifestyle: Live Your Dreams, emphasizes how to make the most of your financial resources in terms of living life to the fullest. This is the time to realize our passions and stay active by engaging in meaningful activities. Book number six, Hobbies & Your Retirement Lifestyle, encourages self-discovery through creative hobby suggestions.



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