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Volunteering & Your Retirement Lifestyle by Jeffrey Webber

Volunteering & Your Retirement Lifestyle

by Jeffrey Webber

284 pages
volunteering during retirement

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About the Book
If you are retired, you are at the point in life where you can come up with your own set of rules and choose which games to play. Remember, since we are living longer and healthier lives, we do have the time to experiment and learn new hobbies and interests. You will want to continue to feel significant along with being energized and excited. This is the time for reinvention.

There are many reasons to volunteer. You may have a need to give back and make your community a better place to live. Perhaps you have a commitment to a cause or belief. You may even possess special skills that can be shared. Volunteering offers you the opportunity to meet new people, engage in challenging activities, travel, and even have fun. Everyone can give something back! Think of volunteering as an exchange. In that vein, these activities can provide a variety of benefits to you. In fact, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Volunteers are also attracted to the work from the learning opportunities provided. The important thought here is for you to carefully consider what you would like to gain from volunteering and which organizations offer you those choices.

This book offers specific information on how and where to volunteer. A multitude of ways to give back are explored and recommended. You will be excited and invigorated by the opportunities discussed.


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About the Author
Jeffrey Webber is a retired public school teacher with a passion for living life to the fullest during retirement. He has published four books and a number of articles as part of his series on retirement lifestyles.



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