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The New Professional Person's Retirement Lifestyle by Jeffrey Webber

The New Professional Person's Retirement Lifestyle

by Jeffrey Webber

340 pages
A discussion of innovative, activity based recommendations for the professional retiree.

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About the Book

Are you among the millions of inspired professional people who are contemplating retirement? Perhaps you are already retired. A significant issue that you will have to deal with is what to do with all of that time.

Without a doubt, retirement today does not resemble our parentsÂ’ retirement. We are living longer, more active lives. For most retired professionals, playing bingo and going to the local lodge may not be a vision for the future.

Research indicates that many professionals are looking forward to reinventing themselves and taking charge of their new lives. As a professional retiree, you may feel the need to continue your challenging and invigorating lifestyle. It is crucial that you formulate a comprehensive plan in order to make your new lifestyle fulfilling. Hopefully, you will then be able to rediscover, redefine, rethink and revitalize your being.

This book points you in the right direction. It offers choices to assist you in the development of that plan and, ultimately, into living dreams that heretofore may not have been realized. Gain the confidence you need to deal with the uncertainties of what to do with all of that time. In addition, it provides you with the resources that you need to create a revitalized outlook for your future. All of this is accomplished with an emphasis on personal growth.

This is a book that offers, in its entirety, a discussion of specific, detailed, creative, and innovative activity-based recommendations for the professional retiree. YouÂ’ll find chapters included on hobbies, travel, volunteerism, cultural interests, and working in retirement.


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About the Author
Jeffrey Webber is a retired public school teacher with a passion for living life to the fullest during retirement. He has traveled extensively and is a veteran of RV travel. He is an avid hobbyist Additionally, he is a classical musician and very experienced in the cultural arts, and volunteerism.



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