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EMPEROR'S REACH: A Novel of San Francisco by Eric E. Wallace

EMPEROR'S REACH: A Novel of San Francisco

by Eric E. Wallace

354 pages
A literary novel set in contemporary San Francisco. Highly atmospheric, often lyrical, Emperor's Reach intertwines psychological drama with history, humor, romance and suspense. Filled with quirky, memorable characters, it's an insightful portrait of a real charmer who hides his narcissism as he tries to manipulate others and control his world.

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About the Book
Highly atmospheric, often lyrical, filled with quirky and memorable characters, Emperor's Reach intertwines a fascinating psychological portrait with history, humor, romance and suspense.

There's much to admire about Darrol Yount. He's one of the best young waiters in San Francisco. He's smart, handsome, charming and artistic. He's very kind to the street people he encounters on his walks—eccentrics like Billy Pickleface, Gerta Twoshoes and Burlap Ives.

Darrol's also interested in San Francisco history. He's particularly fascinated with a 19th-Century character—the deranged Joshua Norton, who declared himself Emperor and, much beloved, somehow held the entire city in thrall for over two decades. How to achieve that kind of influence without actually being crazy? That's one of Darrol's secret questions.

For few know that Darrol is a narcissist. He's a manipulator. He craves power. He wants to make San Francisco his city. Interfere with his plan or cross him, and you'll end up on his payback list. He's becoming more and more skillful at serious retribution.

But Darrol is blind to one thing: in the world he seeks to control, he's not the only person with a secret agenda. There's bound to be a collision.


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About the Author
Eric E. Wallace Award-winning author ERIC E. WALLACE writes fiction, drama, poetry, and humor. His work has been published in eleven print anthologies, in dozens of periodicals and literary journals, and online at, where he's won multiple prizes. Three collections of Eric's short stories, UNDERTOW , HOAR FROST and STONERISE, are available at



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