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UNDERTOW by Eric E. Wallace


by Eric E. Wallace

246 pages
An anthology of 18 dramatic, literary and entertaining stories.

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
In this is diverse collection of dramatic and entertaining short stories you'll meet many remarkable characters, including:

—a drone pilot with a singular nightmare ("Birds of Prey")

—a taxi driver trapped in a day of crises ("Meter Running")

—an American couple facing conflict in Scotland ("Loch Ness Monsters")

—a Cherokee teen hounded by a bully ("Charley Horse")

—a professional coffin builder with claustrophobia ("Room Enough")

—a downsized executive struggling in a flagman's job ("Road Work")

—two women whose love is measured in unusual ways ("Spoons")

—a widowed sheep rancher reluctantly stalking wolves ("Shades of Gray")

—a woman troubled by the call of the ocean ("Undertow")

—a powerbroker reviewing his life at a very critical point ("In the Moment")

—an artist seeking hidden meaning in his own paintings ("Beneath")

—a panhandler whose pawn ticket could redeem everything ("Jericho")

—an elderly woman repeatedly drawn to an historic prison ("Cell Block")

—a conductor whose arrogance battles with his brilliance ("Maestro")

—a soldier on leave confronting his paranoia ("Long Road Home")

—two children whose lives are changed by a skunk ("Playing Doctor")

—a man attending his own funeral ("Late")

—a neighborhood obsessed with a very strange neighbor ("Under the Hood")

UNDERTOW contains 18 stories touching important themes—love, mortality, the search for self-identity, ambition, grief, war, memory—told in subtle, sometimes ironic, sometimes quietly humorous ways.


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About the Author
Eric E. Wallace Award-winning author ERIC E. WALLACE writes fiction, drama, poetry and humor. His work has appeared in six print anthologies, in dozens of periodicals and literary journals ranging from "Alaska Quarterly Review" to "Writers Digest" and online at "", where he has won multiple short story prizes.



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