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MIND AFTER MIND by Eric E. Wallace


by Eric E. Wallace

322 pages
A Seattle cartoonist discovers he can read minds, but as he explores deeper and deeper, his intriguing new ability begins to affect his work, his relationships and how he views the world.

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
Would you like to be able to read minds? Well, here's your chance. If vicariously.

Set in Seattle and in the beautiful countryside of Vancouver Island, Mind After Mind is the story of highly-successful cartoonist Sloane Ferguson, clever, sardonic and philosophical.

His prodigious output, brilliantly-drawn and wittily-written, appears across the country in newspapers, magazines, books and on television.

When Sloane discovers that somehow he has developed the ability to read minds, he begins to practice extensively on strangers and friends. He gets better and better at it.

He learns to go deeper and deeper into the thoughts, memories, emotions and senses of almost anyone he encounters.

At first Sloane wants use these explorations to add new levels to his cartooning and writing, but he realizes his new skill might have many other uses.

He probes even deeper into more and more minds.

It’s all intriguing and great fun, but his special ability quickly becomes an obsession.

Sloane’s mind-reading puts his relationships to the test. It raises serious ethical questions. It endangers himself and others.

And eventually, it forces him to deeply examine the one mind he least understands: his own.



About the Author
ERIC E. WALLACE writes fiction, drama, poetry, and humor. His work has appeared in 13 print anthologies and in many periodicals and literary journals. Eric's previous novels, THE IMPROVISER and EMPEROR'S REACH, and three collections of his stories, UNDERTOW, HOAR FROST and STONERISE, are available at



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