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Slab Town: A Murderous Romp Through Wartime Portland by Gehla S. Knight

Slab Town: A Murderous Romp Through Wartime Portland

by Gehla S. Knight

256 pages
In the Christmas chill of 1944, Big Joe Welk is the hardcore crime boss in Portland, Oregon. He runs the rackets and the cronies who enforce his vengeance when he's crossed. But there's one enemy he doesn't see coming.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Miles Brodie is just a bargain-rate lawyer handling divorces for Big Joe’s Tiki Bar girls. He’s barely squeezing rent money from his third-rate law practice when Joe hires him to find out who’s knocking off his pals. Before a full-blown turf war breaks out, Brodie signs on and follows the blood trail to find out who’s trying to shut his client down and take over the Portland rackets.

Everybody from City Hall to the cop on the street knows a hustler needs an insurance policy. But it’s not the kind Prudential Life sells. Somebody is cooking the books, keeping payoffs and bribes strictly off the radar to cover their bets if Big Joe ever tumbles to the double cross.

Joe’s bookkeeper Melba Malone knows how to keep secrets. How much are they worth to the rat who wants to deal him or herself in? When bodies start to fall, Brodie feels like the last cardboard duck in a carnival shoot. Caught between his greedy ex-wife, crooked cops and a deadly client, Brodie’s left holding the losing hand.


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About the Author
Gehla S. Knight Gehla Knight writes mysteries, thrillers, short story collections and literary novels. Under the name Ray Bates, her John Bowers police procedurals showcase Portland and the gritty life of homicide cops working the streets. Founder and president of a trial litigation firm, criminal justice experience and consulting work with Regency Fox Film Productions infuse her mysteries with off-center, quirky characters and plot twists spiced with humor, romance, earthy sex and mystery. She resides in Portland, Oregon with her husband Richard and cat Felonious Monk.



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