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by Gehla S. Knight

314 pages
SLAP HAPPY is a quirky, riotous ride through the Galaxy with con men, cephalopod nymphos and desperate writers to a crazy, hilarious parallel universe that might make a skeptic's dreams come true. A deal with a Uni parolee named Bob could be the ticket to fame and fortune.

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Category: Fiction:Fantasy
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About the Book
Slap Happy takes readers on a quirky, hilarious ride through the Galaxy to a parallel universe where a smooth-talking agent named Bob offers success, fame and fortune to struggling Scribblers all out of hope.

Could there really be a roadmap to make it to the Bigs of the Publishing business? Could your latest masterpiece star at Barnes and Noble and run up the scale on Amazon? Perhaps there is a magical formulas to explain away all the disappointment, pain and frustration that challenges many writers to fall into utter despair and mania.

How much is it worth to bargain away your soul to make your dreams come true? Bob has the answer for all those louts and losers at the keyboard who follow his roadmap through a parallel Uni where monsters, grifters, con men and purple nymphos illuminate the Dark Side.

Follow authors as they wander through the unknown of Bob's Book of the Dead to discover even in Paradise, there are roadblocks and potholes big enough to harvest the mud ball we call Earth. The moral may be "Be careful what you yearn for. You might not like it. Especially if you don't look good in green.


"Every aspiring writer needs a dose of Slap Happy to salve their souls -- if they haven'[t bargained them away already. This is a rollicking trip full of pathos, insanity and comical delights wrapped inside a quirky other world where occasional truth and a whole lot of mysterious green stuff abide along with a horny cephalopod named Grunhilda. Read the book and then keep it tucked under your pillow. You'll sleep better at night."
- E. C. Barnes
"The joke's on us -- all writers are buggered from the start. What to do to keep sane after jumping through so many roadblocks, stumbling off cliffs, running into brick walls? SLAP HAPPY lays it all out in a wonderfully funny, one-of-a-kind guide into the abyss we writers call a career. Who knew misery, dashed hopes and surprising triumphs could be so damn hilarious?"
- Kenneth Sithravasta
"I love it -- crying and laughing at the same time. It's too true. Authors are the worst masochists They say disappointment and rejection breed the creative spirit. So I must be a budding genius. It's only a matter of time until I meet up with Slap Happy Bob and jump to the Dark Side. Then look for me on Cable TV, at the Edgar Awards and on Amazon's number-one-seller list when my blockbuster novel comes out. Any day now."
- Abigail Francoise


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About the Author
Gehla S. Knight Gehla Knight's fiction combines humorous, character-rich plots with quirky humor. She also writes a police procedural series featuring Detective Sgt. John Bowers. Her background as a technical and script consultant for Fox Regency Films.
Knight resides in Oregon, dividing her time between Portland and the North Coast.



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