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I Heard You: A Collection of Life's Truths by Debra Colby

I Heard You: A Collection of Life's Truths

by Debra Colby

244 pages
Much like a photograph, a story can capture the snapshot of life's twists and turns by one defining moment. We have no idea which road our lives will take us on, we can only travel it and see where it will lead us.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
So much can be said in just a few words. Each story in this book of short stories and poetry has captured a defining moment in a personís life. Although seemingly random and with no connecting theme, every story is in fact connected; each tells the story of how life's unpredictability can force a person to travel a path unknown to them. Life doesnít have perfect endings and nobody gets out of it unscathed.


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About the Author
Debra Colby Debra Colby lives in Maine with her family.This is her third book of short stories and poetry. She dreams of a secluded home in the woods with the mountains as a backdrop and a lake as her front yard.



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