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The Quick And Easy Guide To Making Money As A Merchandiser by Melanie Jordan (previously SunLover)

The Quick And Easy Guide To Making Money As A Merchandiser

by Melanie Jordan (previously SunLover)

112 pages
Become a professional merchandiser in high demand, making money ASAP!

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About the Book

From the author of the top-selling books The Perfect Work-At-Home Job: Mystery Shopping and How-To Finally Make Money As A Mystery Shopper!

Merchandising reflects the many different activities that one does to support the movement of products out of a retailer's door (paid for, of course). It's a great, fun way to make money on your own terms on either a part-time basis to supplement other income, or it can definitely turn into full-time employment if that's your wish. And if you're also a mystery shopper, you'll find that merchandising is the perfect companion to your work--it's the other "Perfect Work-At-Home Job"!

The Quick And Easy Guide to Making Money As A Merchandiser
will show you how to get started in the merchandising field in the fastest, easiest way possible, while also learning which assignments to take on and some of the issues that are unique to merchandising. I'm sharing all that I have learned with you, so you'll have the benefit of my experiences and save a lot of time and hassle--so you make money faster!

In this 102-page guide, You'll learn:

**how-to get your first merchandising assignment (and keep getting merchandising assignments) even if you don't have any experience in this field;

**how-to work smartly, efficiently, and really maximize your merchandiser income;

**how-to create a dual, flexible, home-based career for maximum income;

**the essential items you need in your merchandiser resume, job lead response e-mail and cover letter (samples provided);

**the most commonly-used merchandising terms, so you'll sound knowledgeable from day one;

**what it's really like to be a merchandiser;

**10 qualities you need to make it as a merchandiser;

**how to do a great job, so you get more and more jobs;

**and so much more!

The demand for merchandisers is great as retailing becomes more and more competitive. Manufacturers realize they need to have their own representatives take care of their stock and promotional needs, make sure their wishes are carried out to the extent possible and to protect their interests. You can work almost every day if you want to--especially once you get at least some experience under your belt. So why not buy this book and get started on your new merchandising career the right way today?

"I purchased your book The Quick And Easy Guide To Making Money As A Merchandiser a few days ago and just today I received my first assignment. And it's a year-round situation doing resets/revisions in a local store. I truly appreciate your book!"--Chell S., Tyler, TX

"I ordered your book on Saturday, read the whole thing and started using the information the next day. On Wednesday I got my first assignment for a major discount retailer! On Friday I got another job to do at two other stores near my home. I can't believe how quickly I got leads in my area. Thank you for the great book and great new career!"--Natalie B., Weston, WI

"Your book is packed with great ideas and suggestions--I couldn't put it down! I found the merchandising field was a pretty closely guarded secret, for which it was very hard to get any information. That is why I like and appreciate your book so much!"--Helen P., Jacksonville, FL

If you would like to learn about mystery shopping, which is the perfect companion job to merchandising, check out my other books The Perfect Work-At-Home Job: Mystery Shopping and How-To Finally Make Money As A Mystery Shopper. I also have both of those books available together as a special edition 2-volume set at a 20% savings. For these titles, please type in my name, Melanie Jordan, in the search box on the top-right hand corner of this page, and you will be taken to their listings.


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About the Author
Melanie Jordan (previously SunLover) Melanie writes about, coaches and consults on a variety of topics that she is passionate about related to work-at-home lifestyles, infopreneuring, marketing and health and fitness. She is also the author of Have Your Cheeseburger And Keep Your Health Too!



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