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Have Your Cheeseburger And Keep Your Health Too! by Melanie Jordan (previously SunLover)

Have Your Cheeseburger And Keep Your Health Too!

by Melanie Jordan (previously SunLover)

160 pages
Healthy eating achieved with favorite comfort foods is deliciously possible!

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Category: Health
About the Book

"As a junk food addict and cheeseburger lover hitting middle age and feeling the effects of years of fast food, the book's title grabbed my attention. However, it was the depth of information that kept me reading, as page after page delivered a wealth of nutritional insights that made me stop and re-think my food choices. Melanie explained in easy terms how to make the transition to a more healthful eating lifestyle. Thanks for showing the way to healthier food choices without giving up the foods I was raised on. Now I can have my favorite cheeseburger every day, guilt-free!"--Linda Joy, R.N., Irvine, CA

BOTTOM LINE: You would eat healthier if doing so meant you could enjoy your favorite foods like cheeseburgers whenever you wanted, right? Well, you'll love Have Your Cheeseburger And Keep Your Health Too! because cheeseburgers can be part of a healthy diet. Cheeseburgers are healthy? What's the catch? It's a small one, I promise, but what I'm telling you about cheeseburgers and other favorite comfort foods like pizza, chicken caesar salad, BLTs, hot dogs, spaghetti and meatballs, macaroni and cheese and chicken parmesan is true!

I'll personally take you by the hand and show you how easy it is to make the transition to a healthier eating style in a way that still allows you to eat your favorite foods--the foods you grew up on, and the foods you like to eat out. I know, because I've done it myself!

Put yourself in the best possible position to lose weight, prevent disease and live a long and healthy life without denying yourself the favorite comfort foods you truly love--both for your benefit and that of your loved ones. It's deliciously possible!

You'll learn how to:

--eat the healthy and delicious "NMP" way so you can have cheeseburgers, and any of your favorite comfort foods, as often as you like

--use "NMP" eating for weight loss and easier weight maintenance

--successfully make the transition to this healthy lifestyle and stick with it using my unique Fallback Methods (and I've even built in "cheat" time because we're all only human)

--deal with the challenge of other people--your family, friends, co-workers, social situations and eating out

--eat and grocery shop for your new "NMP" lifestyle, including lots of brand name examples

--make 29 easy and delicious recipes including a cheeseburger--even a bacon cheeseburger, the healthy "NMP" way

--best avoid the hidden dangers in foods that seem healthy, but are not due to trans-fats, agricultural chemicals, GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and irradiation.

You simply can't afford not to buy this book--because when you have your health, you truly have everything. And if you can eat foods like cheeseburgers and be healthy, then there's no excuse.


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About the Author
Melanie Jordan (previously SunLover) The author wrote this book while keeping her father company during his open heart surgery hospital stay. In sharing her healthy "NMP" eating style, Melanie hopes to help others enjoy their favorite foods, while avoiding the diabetes, heart disease and cancer experienced by her family.



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