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How-To Finally Make Money As A Mystery Shopper by Melanie Jordan (previously SunLover)

How-To Finally Make Money As A Mystery Shopper

by Melanie Jordan (previously SunLover)

140 pages
How to finally make the “big bucks” in mystery shopping!

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About the Book

"I loved your book! Thanks for all the great leads and hints. I have used all your ideas and techniques and so far have received 11 new assignments in the last 18 days!"--Lara O., Arlington Heights, IL

"I used one of your tips about getting more money for shops at the end of the month and I received $35 and $32 for two shops that normally pay $25 apiece! This is the best part-time job I have ever had."--Vicky M., Seattle, WA

"You have put together a well-written, wonderful resource that is a pleasure to read and is offering me so much information that I just didn't have before."--J. Knight, Boston, MA

Do you love mystery shopping but just aren't making real money at it? Are you spending more time looking for work than working? The number one comment I hear from experienced shoppers is: "I do some mystery shopping, but I just don't seem to be able to make the good money that I hear other mystery shoppers earn."

If you're in this situation, you're not alone. Mystery shoppers can either end up being in high demand, making top dollar for each assignment, or they can be stuck with the worst assignments being underpaid and trying to live off free hamburgers.

If there is a good demand for mystery shoppers in your area, it is entirely possible to make up to $1,000 in a month?s time in actual cash and high-end freebies depending upon the types of assignments you do. And shoppers in major markets who also get into the hot new fields of video and audio mystery shopping, or get into complementary fields of work such as scheduling and report editing can make double or triple that amount! But to get there you have to be open to making some changes in the way you do your mystery shopping work. I have a different view of mystery shopping, but it works!

In this 140-page book, you'll learn:

**how-to expand into higher-paying video and audio mystery shopping;

**insights into the world of scheduling and how to get your big break;

**top secret--how-to track down the companies that do specialized shops for travel, audio/video mystery shopping and related opportunities like focus groups;

**9 things that drain your mystery shopper income;

**power negotiating for higher shop fees;

**the key contacts you must make to be a top earning mystery shopper (and have assignments coming to you);

**how-to use every opportunity to stand out from the crowd and keep yourself in high demand;

**the 6 must-have pieces of e-mail correspondence you need to create to get more jobs and make crucial connections; and

**10 ways to maximize your mystery shopper income.

You'll get everything you need to know to finally make money as a mystery shopper. Before you know it, you'll achieve the level of success I did, with more jobs and related income opportunities coming your way than you can handle.


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About the Author
Melanie Jordan (previously SunLover) Melanie writes about, coaches and consults on a variety of topics that she is passionate about related to work-at-home lifestyles, infopreneuring, marketing and health and fitness. She is also the author of Have Your Cheeseburger And Keep Your Health Too!



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