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Devious Twins by Jack O. Moore

Devious Twins

by Jack O. Moore

440 pages
Identical twins masquerade their identity. Confusion, anger, frustration by others.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Two marvelous, totally identical, twin girls were the big surprise for the parents. Their mother became frustrated as she attempted to distinguish between them. The twins realized early their uniqueness and how to use to their special identity to their advantage. Their identity ploy came so natural and easy as they selected the moment to play their game. They created frustration, confusion and anger with most everybody including boyfriends. Filling in for the other was their fiercely held secret. They exhibited no difference in personality, voice, appearance, mannerisms and thinking. And usually wore the same hair style. Each felt no serious harm was being done as their actions added extra excitement and moments of pleasure to their academic and career life. Others were left befuddled, mouth gaped. Their imaginary minds drifted to unthinkable scenarios. While two persons physically, they felt as though they were one. They dressed from the same wardrobe. During high school and college there were no arguments as their minds dwelled along the same mental process.

The thought of not being together or becoming angry with the other were tested by demanding separate careers. They never imagined one a journalist, the other private investigator, that both would become involved in a murder investigation. One was given the assignment by her editor and the other one insisted on getting involved, as she attempted to keep it a secret from her sister. The horrific murder of a woman, found in the river, snared both their minds. View of her cold face in the morgue could not be erased or forgotten. Their efforts to find and question persons resulted in physical, verbal reactions. Both were stunned when names of two college boyfriends popped up as persons of interest. Each felt there was a character trait that could become abusive and the relationships did not continue. Their identity ploy was even used on the police captain who did not realize he had been duped. Their antics continued to the very end. This was their personal world they relished and created. They could communicate their desires merely by showing instant visual expressions to the other. The reader is left wondering how far and to what extreme they will carry their ploy. These girls will quickly grab and hold your attention with their antics and spontaneous discussions about living, relationships, and life in general. You will befriend characters who are vibrant, forceful, hilarious, dedicated and entertaining as only identical twin girls could be.


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About the Author
Jack O. Moore Jack O. Moore spent his first 18 years in the rural Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia. His Bachelor of Science Degree is from the University of Charleston, in West Virginia, plus one year at Ohio State University. Recently retired, age 85, with strong passion for writing. Now his 7th book.



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