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Go Get Eva by Jack O. Moore

Go Get Eva

by Jack O. Moore

192 pages
Woman's struggle for survival, with eight children, early 20th century.

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Category: Biography
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About the Book
Eva Moore was born in 1888 into a family whose lifestyle was crude. She had no electricity, drew water from an underground well, cooked and heated with wood-burning stoves and "lived off the land." Her iron-willed character developed early as she learned how to deal with fear. She married young, children came early and life began with much promise. But the years soon brought tragedies beginning with the most devastating, losing her devoted husband as she expected her ninth child.

She learned how to survive and be self-sufficient by using all available pioneering methods, in this developing and wild mountainous area. She also delivered babies, cared for the ill amd became the "back up" for the local country doctor. When called upon she never refused, even walked miles through deep snow to stay with and care for a dear friend who was gravely ill. People came for Eva when the doctor was not available, which was often in the mountains.

Probably the greatest transformation of a society ever to occur, was during her lifetime; from the horse and buggy to atomic energy. All this change, however, had little impact on her life and struggles. She had to deal with the horror of two World Wars and the Great Depression of the 1930s. In spite of the these catastrophic events, along with her daily struggles, she never lost her zest for living or the song in her heart. Through this book you will experience her struggles, joys and her determined desire to survive. You will come to admire this wonderful woman, one of millions who made this country into what it stands for today; the beacon of democracy and freedom by and for a free people.

This is a "must read" true story.


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About the Author
Jack O. Moore grew up in the rugged and majestic Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Charleston, West Virginia, and studied one year at Ohio State University. He began writing following a long business management career. This is his third book.



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