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The Daughter's Dilemma by Jack O. Moore

The Daughter's Dilemma

by Jack O. Moore

390 pages
Father's actions unthinkable. Daughter's life in jeopardy, ransomed.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
For you to realize the greatest enjoyment and understanding of this sequel, it is strongly recommended you first read, “Shocking Revelation in Pocahontas County.” A novel loaded with exciting and inviting characters, along with Maggie and Bucky the primary characters, who will capture and hold your interest throughout.

The action, in this sequel, intertwined with throbbing hearts unfolds in the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia. The residents of Pocahontas County have no clue on who or what is behind the terrible happenings, including murder. Maggie Millhouse, a young investigative reporter for the Town Herald in Oak Park, Illinois, suburb of Chicago, leaves the newspaper and desperately strives to achieve happiness in her life. But first she must resolve many disturbing questions about her father. This she dreads. Bernard “Bucky” Acce, a local business man, has his life shocked into turmoil due to his involvement with Maggie. And a girlfriend who vows she will keep him or nobody will have him.

Events spiral into living or dying issues. Questions abound with no obvious answers or solutions. Both are confronted with horrible acts, seeking to stay alive and giving them no desirable options. Their struggles pull at your heart. Will they prevail in the face of hopeless odds? Do you believe in the old adage that somehow love always prevails? Don’t be too certain.

This sequel continues the exciting and troubling adventure that began and ends in Pocahontas County. Allow your emotions to rise and be thrilled with these strong characters down to the final seconds.


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About the Author
Jack O Moore received his Bachelor of Science Degree from University of Charleston, West Virginia. Served as an Air Force Air Traffic Control Instructor and studied at Ohio State University. Retired, began writing to fulfill his ambition and also returned to management in Southern California. His fifth book.



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