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THE TESTIMONY OF JOHN: 1907 Biblical Study Notes on the Gospel of John by George N. H. Peters

THE TESTIMONY OF JOHN: 1907 Biblical Study Notes on the Gospel of John

by George N. H. Peters

650 pages
1907 previously unpublished study notes on the Book of John

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About the Book
From cover to cover, conception to completion this book is about Jesus. It addresses and answers the fundamental question of His identity, and mission. The book never waivers from this original purpose and structure. Who better to inform us of Jesus than John, "the discipline whom Jesus loved," the person to whom Jesus often confided in and to whom He ultimately entrusted with His own future "Revelation?" And who better to expose these truths than Mr. George N.H. Peters, gifted Bible teacher and faithful steward of the Word of God throughout his lifetime.

Composed in the form of study notes, the author directs attention away from modern mystical interpretations of this Gospel towards what John intended to accomplish, i.e. confront the reader with the predicted Messiah, Jesus, and in so doing provide reasons to "believe" and through believing find the very promise of eternal life.

John calls this work his "testimony," like a witness pleading before a jury of his peers he lays out a selection of evidence. He claims that he could easily have written volumes but these "things" he wrote so that the reader might believe.

The beauty of this book lies in the evidence John chooses to put forth, the impact of the book (slightly over 100 years old) stems from the ability of Mr. Peters to point out these things and then allow the testimony to speak for itself.

Over the last century many able men and women have undertaken to expound the Gospel of John. The reader will not find a more plainly written account than what Mr Peters penned during the last years of his life.


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About the Author
George N.H. Peters was an Evangelical Lutheran minister and gifted Bible teacher. His active ministry stretched from the mid-1800's until his death in 1910. Best known as author of "The Theocratic Kingdom", a 3-vol treatise still considered the "most exhaustive study of the 'Kingdom of God' ever written.



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