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The Testimony of Luke: 1907 Biblical study notes on the Gospel of Luke by George N. H. Peters, Edited by D. A. Baltuskonis and P.R. Baltuskonis

The Testimony of Luke: 1907 Biblical study notes on the Gospel of Luke

by George N. H. Peters, Edited by D. A. Baltuskonis and P.R. Baltuskonis

610 pages
The author’s previously unpublished study notes of the Gospel of Luke, handwritten in 1907 and transcribed and edited for clarity. Wherein Rev Peters clearly exposes the simple structure of the Gospel, a testimony to Jesus the Messiah, from a man who wasn't even a Disciple.

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About the Book
Once described as “the most exhaustive treatise on the ‘Kingdom of God’ ever written, the late Rev. George N. H. Peters, the author of “The Theocratic Kingdom,” left many unpublished personal bible studies.

These recently discovered handwritten documents are now being meticulously transcribed and prepared for publication.

What makes these 100 year old studies unique is the straightforward grammatical viewpoint taken by Rev Peters towards interpretation, that the language of the Bible does not require spiritualization or mysticism to be understood, that such unjustified additions actually confuse and mislead the reader.

The application of these practical Rules of Interpretation, as seen in the recently published “Testimony of Jesus” and “Testimony of John,” gives the Gospel of Luke a clear, fresh new voice given from the viewpoint of an contemporary Man who was neither an Apostle or Disciple of the Lord during his earthly ministry.

The Rev. Peters clearly exposes the simple interconnected design of the book, a testimony to the true identity of Jesus as the covenanted and predicted Messiah.

The Study focuses ONLY on the unique accounts of Luke not contained in the other three Gospels. Every instance in each chapter of Luke's testimony confronts the reader with this most important distinction.

By the end of Luke's testimony the evidence is so overwhelming, the distinctions so clear that only one realization remains (the reason Luke wrote the book in the first place) that All of the (past-present-future) Biblical prophecies are to be fulfilled in the person of this Messiah, ONLY the Messiah has the God-given authority and supernatural power to succeed in these appointed tasks, and most importantly, that Jesus and the Messiah are one and the same person.

In the plainest manner possible then, Luke spreads within the grasp of the reader the heart and soul of the Bible, the past and future hopes of mankind in this one simple truth. Luke like Jesus would ask "Believest thou this?"


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About the Author
George N.H. Peters was an Evangelical Lutheran minister and gifted Bible teacher. His active ministry stretched from the mid-1800's until his death in 1910. Best known as author of "The Theocratic Kingdom", a 3-vol treatise still considered the "most exhaustive study of the 'Kingdom of God' ever written.



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