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The Testimony of Jesus by George N. H. Peters

The Testimony of Jesus

by George N. H. Peters

450 pages
Author's unpublished 1907 study notes on the book of Revelation

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About the Book
This book contains the author’s (George N.H. Peters) never before published 1907 study notes on the biblical book of Revelation.

Mr. Peters unique approach to interpretation faithfully adheres to the the plain grammatical sense of scripture. By doing so He successfully combines biblical prophecy with oath-bound covenants (Abrahamic and Davidic) to unlock this book’s predominant symbolic language.

Peters correctly identifies Jesus (not St. John) as the real source of this prophecy. He clarifies the main subject of the book as being, not a ‘Revelation’ of future events but rather, an ‘Apocalypse,’ a personal appearing. He further demonstrates through the symbols used that the ‘Day of the Lord,’ or 2nd Advent, (like the 1st Advent) will unfold in distinct stages and over a discernible period of time.

Therefore, although this study is today over 100 years old the reader is instantly confronted, through this ‘Testimony,’ by Jesus, the predicted ‘Son of Man,’ righteously administering the judgements of God and proclaiming His physical return to establish His Kingdom on earth.

The prophetic future series of events laid out strikes the reader as eerily similar to today’s dangerous and chaotic world.


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