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Prophet and the Fields of Glory by Marshall S Thomas

Prophet and the Fields of Glory

by Marshall S Thomas

466 pages
Prophet faces an alien invasion to eradicate humanity.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Bleed for ConFree, and ConFree will bleed for you.

The galaxy is changing. Deadly enemies are becoming trusted allies, and the prophets of Galactic Resources face new challenges as mysterious alien spies appear in ConFree. "A revolution is not done in a day," rebel Demons say. The ConFree Legion faces endless war, and Prophet knows there is no escape for a soldier of the Legion, as the mission is not over until he is KIA.

"Growing up in a free state is not for sissies," Honeyhair advises her daughter. A false peace looms when the bloody Pherdos campaign is concluded and a truce is declared on Earth. ConFree may be at peace but the Legion is still at war. A huge starfleet of enemy aliens approaches humanity's little slice of the galaxy. The prophets risk all to obtain the truth, side by side with their alien comrades, but Galactic Information's politicized bureaucracy refuses to accept it. Galactic Resources is abolished.

Prophet and his blood comrades are told to stand down on a critical rescue mission. But the mission is clear: disregard the orders, liberate the hopeless, and light up the world.

On their return the Prof advises that the war is starting and attendance is mandatory for all.

A Legion Soldier died for you today. Support the war effort.


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About the Author
Marshall S Thomas Marshall S. Thomas is a retired U.S. Government official who served his country in East Asia for most of his career. Marshall is the author of the six-book science fiction Soldier of the Legion series and a second SF series, Prophet of ConFree, five books so far.



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