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Seeker and the Pathways of the Gods by Marshall S Thomas

Seeker and the Pathways of the Gods

by Marshall S Thomas

682 pages
ConFree Legion trooper Seeker signs up to battle subversive enemies both foreign and domestic who have overrun the Confederation of Free Worlds. Is it too late for the women and children of ConFree?

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Category: Fiction:SciFi
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About the Book
Immortality and Death on the Pathways of the Gods

In a dark future the Confederation of Free Worlds is over-run by enemies both foreign and domestic. The ship of state is adrift, riding stormy seas, guided by subversives who hate the people of ConFree and seek the total destruction of the Confederation. National suicide is government policy. The NewFam invaders have seized control of much of society. The people are weak, helpless and leaderless, stunned by close to a hundred years of relentless hateprop from the alien enemy. Resistance is unthinkable. Something new and evil is emerging.

A new squad of Legion recruits is thrown immediately into the battle. The future looks hopeless for ConFree. The ConFree Legion is being disbanded and merged into the People's Militia, but the Legion is not quite dead. Four hundred years of service to the people of ConFree will not disappear quietly into the night. Is it indeed too late, or will the embittered new Legion recruits risk it all to do the right thing for the women and children of ConFree?


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About the Author
Marshall S Thomas Marshall S. Thomas is a retired U.S. Government official who served his country in East Asia for most of his career. Marshall is the author of the science fiction Soldier of the Legion series and the science fiction Prophet of ConFree series.



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