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SEEKER and the SPIRIT SHIFTERS by Marshall S Thomas


by Marshall S Thomas

454 pages
A savage tide of alien intruders is infiltrating the Deadvac and the Icy Way, kidnapping and brainwashing thousands of children. Legion trooper Seeker and squad Recon 16 stand in the way.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi
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About the Book
A savage tide of alien intruders are infiltrating the distant reaches of the Deadvac and the Icy Way, enslaving millions of kidnapped, brainwashed innocents. As the aliens approach the Outvac the young troopers of the ConFree Legion confront them. Commander Seeker and Recon 16 enter the Farside seeking exploitable vulnerabilities in the enemy. They discover that the Spirit Shifters are powerful psychics seeking human souls. Recon is joined by the biogens, who know all about slavery.

The Shifters' advanced science is far superior to human technology. And when they take your mind, flesh, blood and future, all that is left is to fight or to die. As full-scale war erupts into the Outvac, Seeker and his biogen wife vow to liberate the innocent and kill their captors. They have no intention of living as slaves to a foreign race, and the Legion motto is Victory or Death.


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About the Author
Marshall S Thomas Marshall S Thomas is a retired U.S. Government official who served his country in East Asia for thirty years. He is the author of the science fiction Soldier of the Legion series, the Prophet of ConFree series, and the Seeker series.



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