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The Heiress and the Sex Tape by Robert Jamelli

The Heiress and the Sex Tape

by Robert Jamelli

214 pages
This is a murder mystery.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Liz Sunnery, one of the heiresses to the Sun-Sun Bakery Company is a freshman in college. Her older sister, her guardian, warns her of the pitfalls that you can fall into and how they can impact business. Liz and her friends are talked into doing a sex tape.Liz has second thoughts about the video and next day calls her sister and tells her about the video. Diane Sunnery the older sister is upset but tells Liz she will think of something. Contacting R. Blaise Conte, a Private investigator, she hires him to stop the tape from being uploaded to the Internet. Using his contacts Conte comes up with a plan that almost backfires on him. And to make things worse before he arrives Liz and the one young man she made the tape with are attacked in a drive-by shooting. Questions arise about the shooting. In addition, the girl who shot the video is a retired adult film star and is being hunted by her former producer. And to add to the confusion Diane Sunnery cannot be contacted and is discovered missing. Conte is embroiled in both the shooting and the missing sister. The story weaves between Pittsburgh and New York City.


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About the Author
This Robert first book in a series with the PI R Blaise Conte. This Robert's second book with Booklocker. He is a retired educator.



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