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The Hannaford Murder: A Not So Simple Murder by Robert Jamelli

The Hannaford Murder: A Not So Simple Murder

by Robert Jamelli

214 pages
One of the Hannaford brothers wants his twin murdered.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Johanthan Hannaford wants his twin brother murdered. He looks for a hit man to hire and finds one in an old steel mill bar. They come to an agreement, but there are complications after the hit. Jonathan kills the hired hit man after the hit at the scene of the crime. His DNA causes more problems for the lead detective, Latia Lee, an African-American. As the police look closer into the murder more intrigues revolve around the Hannafordís and the hit man. It isnít a cut and dry murder/robbery. Was the hit to pay back on old family debt or are there other reasons. A number of twists keep the Latia Lee and Bill Hancock very busy chasing clues. One of which is why does this hit man live in efficiency apartment and have lots of money. The FBI, an old pocket calendar used as a type of diary, and family with connections backs to prohibition and a family full of secrets all get revealed. In addition more old murders that are cold cases are solved.


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About the Author
Bob aka Jake received his undergraduate degree from Shippensburg State College in History. He did graduate work at Bloomsburg State University and received a Masters Degree in Social Studies. Lehigh University granted Bob a Masters Degree in Administration. He worked in education for 25 years. He also served U.S. Army Reserves for 22 years whre he attained the rank of Master Sergeant. His main duty for the majority of those years was as an instructor. He started writing this past year for his own enjoyment.



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