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The Punk Rock Murders by Robert Jamelli

The Punk Rock Murders

by Robert Jamelli

268 pages
A bank robbery leads Conte to a serial murderer. The murders all are related to the Ripper's Friends, a punk rock group from the 1980's.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
After a date with Mayflower Conte heads back to Secaucus. Getting there he is checking his voice mail and Jared Smythe, Attorney at law needs him to investigate a case. Conte takes his case and starts opening his mail only to find a ticket to Tampa, Florida. This is from a friend of Jimmy ‘Fingers” Walton. From having no new cases to now having two Conte decides he can do both. As he works through the case for Smythe it becomes apparent that it also involves the case in Florida. The both cases take him to New York, Cleveland and Pittsburgh and involves the members of the Ripper’s Friends, a punk band from the 80’s. As Conte moves through the web of past and the action around CBGB’s and its impact on the present he slowly sees a pattern.


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About the Author
Robert Jamelli has written two others crime thrillers, Hannaford Murder and the Heiress and the Sex tape. He is a retired educator. He enjoys reading and writing crime thrillers.



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