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THE OBAMA ILLUSION UNRAVELS: Progressive Policies on Display at Home and Abroad by Gayle Strickland

THE OBAMA ILLUSION UNRAVELS: Progressive Policies on Display at Home and Abroad

by Gayle Strickland

644 pages
Details the outcome of progressive policies in Obama’s second term.

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Category: Politics
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About the Book
In President Obama’s first term he attempted to create an illusion of economic recovery at home and withdrawal from conflict abroad – Obama’s second term saw the disastrous results these policies produced: anemic recovery at home with low job prospects for most and decreased chances for reaching the American dream, and chaos, terrorism and aggression from rogues abroad. This book chronicles President Obama’s second term and the unraveling of the Obama Illusion in every aspect of his administration.

Barack Obama reaped the ‘rewards’ of his first term early in his second term as the economy continued to recover very slowly, government scandals abounded and the world erupted into chaos from the lack of U.S. leadership. His administration was considered the opposite of transparent, the Congress and the country were bitterly divided, our allies didn’t trust us, our enemies didn’t respect or fear us, and a majority of the public considered government the biggest problem. The ‘Obama Illusion’ that was attempted in Obama’s first term unraveled in the early days of his second term, and by 2014 the world was in deep turmoil, ObamaCare was in trouble and the American public did not think it was better off than it was when Obama took office.


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About the Author
Gayle Strickland spent over thirty years in technology, first with IBM and then as an independent consultant. She graduated from Stanford University. She wrote The Obama Illusion in 2012.



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