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THE OBAMA ILLUSION by Gayle Strickland


by Gayle Strickland

246 pages
The Obama Illusion chronicles the dramatic disconnect between President Obama's words and actions.

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About the Book
This book chronicles the dramatic disconnect between what President Obama says he believes and what his actions tell us he believes; what he wants for the United States; what his political agenda is. He is not the moderate Democrat he led the American people to believe he was during the campaign of 2008: in favor of no tax increases for the middle class; economic and fiscal responsibility; winning the war in Afghanistan; transparency for the political process; bipartisanship. His actions in all realms of the Obama administration demonstrate a far more radical agenda. The Obama Illusion unveils the illusion of a moderate and capable President, as followed by an American citizen.

President Obama has shown us that he believes government is wiser and can make better decisions than individuals, and government planning and control are better than the free market in selecting winners and losers. It has become clear in the years since Senator Obama took office that there are still winners – it is just that he would prefer to choose those winners through government waivers, favors, loans and handouts rather than allow the free market system to award individual effort and responsibility.

Obama does not seem to understand that his powers are limited to the Executive Branch. He finds ways to accomplish his liberal agenda without regard for the separation of powers that is at the heart of the American system.

And where is the progress on entitlement reform that is so obviously needed? President Obama is ill prepared and has shown no understanding of how to provide critical leadership.

President Obama appears unable to understand basics about human nature and about business, finance, world opinion, and most importantly leadership and executive power. He cannot demonize and belittle his opponents and then expect bi-partisan cooperation. He cannot apologize for his country and expect increased respect around the world. He cannot ignore the Super Committee and then condemn their lack of cooperation and results. He cannot reduce the deficit by spending more money. He cannot tell banks to lend and then impose increased regulation and expect them to be able to lend. He cannot tell business to hire more people and then pass increased business regulation and increased health care mandates for business and expect them to be able to hire. He cannot openly speak against the opposition and then call for increased civility. Not only do President Obama’s actions speak much more loudly than his words, but he appears not to understand even the basics about the results of his actions.

The value of this chronicle is to remember the extent to which President Obama has deceived the American public. This deception covers every aspect of his administration. Speeches, no matter how well delivered or read, are only words and must be translated into action to be meaningful. Barack Obama has proven that his words are a meaningless barometer of his actions - we must not be fooled again.


Better than other books written on Obama's policies.
- Eric Gorse on
Penetrating insight into a failed presidency.
- Katzi44 (via Amazon)
The Obama Illusion shows the real Obama.
- PI, Carmel CA (via Amazon)


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About the Author
Gayle Strickland spent 30+ years in business, first with IBM and then as a consultant. She designed and installed computer systems for manufacturing and banking organizations. She graduated from Stanford. Currently, Gayle serves as President / Board of a non-profit organization. She cares passionately about the path America is taking.



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