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From Generation to Generation by Lottie and Henry Burger with Susan Wolfe

From Generation to Generation

by Lottie and Henry Burger with Susan Wolfe

152 pages
Escape from Hitler's Germany to begin life anew in America

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
Born in relative comfort in 1926 to a Jewish family in Nuremberg, Germany, Henry Burger remembers festive picnics in the public parks, evening concerts, and athletic competition at the local recreation center. That all changed in 1933, when Adolf Hitler rose to power. As the Nuremberg Laws unfolded, Henry remembers the slow stripping away of cherished freedoms previously taken for granted. Now unable to visit the park, or go out after dark, or play at the recreation center, Henry ultimately was denied access to public school for the simple reason that he was a Jew.

Relatives and friends "disappeared" without warning, only to reappear significantly traumatized, changed in ways that defied explanation.

From Generation to Generation is the story of Henry Burger and his wife, Lottie Hirsch Burger, whose families were able to emigrate from Germany in 1938, and how they rebuilt successful lives in America.

The choices they made underscored the values they learned from their parents and grandparents, passed on to their children and grandchildren. Now those values are being transmitted to a new generation, as the Burgers find themselves with a new designation: great-grandparents.


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About the Author
Susan Wolfe, an award-winning author and Stanford University graduate, assists interesting people in telling their life stories. Lottie and Henry Burger were born to Jewish families in pre-WWII Germany. They recall the systematic deprivation of freedoms imposed with Hitlerís reign, and how their families escaped to build new lives in America.



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