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LIFE MIRRORING MYTH - The Hero's Journey by Dean Challes

LIFE MIRRORING MYTH - The Hero's Journey

by Dean Challes

214 pages
A life modeled by mythologist Joseph Campbell's the Hero’s Journey.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
This sequel to Dean’s previous memoir, “Here, There & Beyond,” places in perspective that adventurous period of his life within the mythological framework described and modeled by the renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell called the Hero’s Journey. Campbell extolled that age-old mythological tales together with the life paths of numerous famous historical figures follow a similar life trajectory that he modeled as the Hero’s Journey.That mythological pattern provided Dean with pieces of the puzzle to his own full but seemingly fragmented and varied life experiences by providing the golden thread weaving all the various pieces together into a majestic quilt. Dean’s story chronicles how his life transformed from being conventionally successful according to societal standards but an outmoded existence with respect to his inner yearnings. He is instinctively led at a critical transformative inflection point into one more in alignment with his inner nature which he expressively describes as following the tenets and various phases of the Hero’s Journey. Just as the Hero’s Journey provided Dean an insightful and meaningful way to look back upon his life, so a clear awareness of it can illuminate the way others might perceive their own.


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About the Author
Dean Challes Dean Challes has experienced a varied and versatile career in engineering and construction management, natural disaster recovery operations, humanitarian engineering in Africa, professional mentoring university students, consulting with non-profit organizations, magazine publishing, and authoring. He attended the University of California, Berkeley and resides in New York



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