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MEMOIRS by William Dennis Engs


by William Dennis Engs

432 pages
A collection of 110 memoirs covering key life experiences

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
A memoir is a way of presenting aspects of a person’s life story. The book is a collection of 110 short essays each highlighting a subject or event.

The author’s life has followed two paths. The first path follows familiar stages of life: education, military service, career, marriage, and retirement. Memoirs along this path, about one half of them, tell of unique events, experiences and beliefs, such as working in the theatre, modes of dancing, working at a thrift shop, the trials of telephoning, a search for a lost person and his personal growth.

Memoirs from the second life path describe my extra-ordinary experiences in the outdoors; they are about hikes, backpacks, mountain climbs, bicycle rides, and bird discovery. Included in these memoirs are accounts of leading a party up Mt. Rainier, backpacking the Zion Narrows, climbing Yosemite’s Half Dome the harder way, bicycling in the Black Hills of North Dakota, and seeking birds in Arizona. These memoirs describe unusual and unexpected incidents and they often provide “lessons learned” from what he has experienced.


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About the Author
William Dennis Engs William Dennis Engs has had careers in business systems analysis, as training consultant and as professor of organization and management. While working he participated in outdoor activities such as mountain climbs and hikes. During retirement years he works with a local land trust to preserve forest land.



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