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Quirky Life by Ciri George

Quirky Life

by Ciri George

194 pages
Action packed adventures of a Kansas girl

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
For years Ciri has been encouraged to write a book about her unusual life. Packed with crazy adventures and experiences, this is a brief peek into some of the more bizarre, dangerous and enlightening episodes she has encountered in her journey thus far through her Quirky Life.

She tells about some of her motorcycle adventures, becoming homeless for a while, several near death experiences, how to get your car out if stuck in deep sand, and many other entertaining tidbits you will be glad you read.


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About the Author
Ciri George Ciri was born in Kansas, wandered off to California where things were crazy, then eventually to Florida for many years. While traveling back through Kansas for a visit, her whole life changed. Now she has settled down on a little farm nestled in the scenic Flint Hills.



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